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Can I wear contacts with false eyelashes (strip lashes)?

This is a very common question that ladies have, and the answer is YES (in most cases)! KES Lashes are applied right above your own lash line, therefore they do not come into contact with your contact lenses. 
Applying false eyelashes for one special night or occasion (like your wedding or prom) will probably be fine, however if you plan on using false eyelashes every day you may be putting your lenses at risk. Some doctors and lens manufacturers say to never wear false lashes, so it’s always best to consult your optometrist before you try it.
When applying fake eyelashes and makeup with contact lenses, take the following steps:
  1. Wash your hands so you won't transfer any dirt, dust, oils, creams or lotions to the lenses.
  2. Put your contact lenses in before applying false eyelashes.
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds for the lash glue to become tacky before applying the fake eyelash quickly to the eyelid.
  4. If you are a contact lens wearer, never apply eyeliner between your lashes and your eye.
  5. Always remove your contact lenses before removing your false eyelashes and your makeup. 

For some people, the combination of glue, lenses and eyes will be too much, and you'll find your eyes watering. In these cases, unfortunately, strip lashes probably are not going to work for you :(