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Lash Maps for Lash Techs!

Curious how to create the perfect Kitten Eye? Want to know what lengths to use for the Open Eye look? Don't worry girl, we've got you covered!

Check out our most popular lash maps below.

  • You can adjust the size of any of the suggested lash lengths by deducting or adding anywhere from 1-4mm in length.
  • You can use either the same curl throughout (e.g. a D-curl from inner eye to outer eye) or adjust it depending on you or your client's wishes. One of our favourites is the Cat Eye, with B-curls on the inner eye, C-curls towards the middle of the eye, finishing with the ultra-curly D-curl on the outer eye! It just looks so darn cute and sexy!


Kitten Eye Lash Map - Short Length


Kitten Eye Lash Map - Regular Length


Open Eye Lash Map - Regular Length


Cat Eye Lash Map - Regular Length


Got a lash map suggestion? Email us at, we would love to know your favourites!